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There is no shortage of great French indie mags being produced in en ce moment. Previously, the only publications I read were ELLE, Madame Figaro, Glamour, GQ et Vogue (duh). 

I still pick up these titles at newsstands (when I'm allowing myself to add to the magazine stacks in my apartment) but these indie titles give such a voice to the creatives, chefs, activists, and regular folks making their mark on the world. The Austinite in me will choose Indie over everything. Même comme ici aux États Unis, there's been a surge in publications that raise the voice and profile of women, non-gender binary, people of color and activists as shown by a few of these selections. There's something for everyone!

 So let's get into it.


Soror La Revue

«Portraits et entretiens au féminin»

A self-described hybrid between a book and magazine, Soror introduces us to women from all walks of life who are making their mark on the world. And best of all, c'est produite à Lyon!








Selon elles, «Waïa rend hommage aux femmes noires et retrace leur style. Magazine féminin d’un genre nouveau, inédit en France, plateforme digitale dédiée à la beauté des femmes noires, Waïa parle mode et beauté sous toutes leurs formes mais aussi bien-être.»

A digital fashion magazine dedicated to les femmes noires.  










Milk Déco

«style et insiration pour les tribus contemporains»

As a prop stylist, Milk is MY JAM. Beautiful Interiors? Check. Contemporary Design? Check. Available aux États-Unis? Check.









I'm never not looking for new magazines to go broke on, so if you have suggestions, send them my way! Is it matte? Does it have a profile of some butcher? Is there a lot of white space? 

Good. I'm there.


C'est tout pour aujourd'hui.

Ari Jones