Jet Lag? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That


I'm collecting tips on how to beat jet lag, so please send yours along.


My Strategy | Sleep It Out

If my flight is direct and more than 7 hours, and I'm landing in the morning, I buy some sleeping pills (a drowsy concoction of your own making works, too) and take it about three hours before I'd fall into my normal sleep cycle. This gives be more than a full night's sleep so that when I land I'm ready to start the day

If my flight lands at night, you just do the opposite. Stay up through the flight- I just listen to music with a very high bpm or keep myself engaged with work that excites me. When you land and get to your Air BnB or Hotel, walk through that poppy field and get a full night's sleep.

The Main Trick

The most important thing, though, is to simply BE where you are. It doesn't matter what time it is back home, all that matters is the time where you currently are. If you need to power nap, that's fine but you need to make sure it's a quick one.

It's a great lesson in self-discipline and remaining in the present.

Ari Jones