My Journey Through Food Capitol of France: A Plea For Help

Image Courtesy of Photographer & Designer  John Canelis . Follow him on  Instagram !

Image Courtesy of Photographer & Designer John Canelis. Follow him on Instagram!

Je ne mange pas. 

Some say it's a problem, and others say it's the key to a long life. A buddy of mine once said, more accurately, that I eat like a snake- one big meal once a month and nothing the rest of the month. Et je pense que c'est une vraie dommage parce que, selon GQ, Lyon est le capitole gastronomique de la France.

In French they'd say «Elle mange comme un oiseau» or "she eats like a bird" but I am determined to eat my way through Lyon, out of love. It's like going to your friend's grandma's house on a full stomach- it just simply isn't done. SO! I will begin the work of getting my body back in snake mode by drinking a liter of water as soon as I wake up, eating small meals throughout the day and all that other foolishness fitness bloggers talk about all the time, but I need y'all to do me a favor and recommend your favorite spots to eat in Lyon.

There's a very high probability that I'll only be eating once per day, and I need to make sure that what ever it is, it's worth it. So comment below, send me a DM on Instagram or email with places I must try with my single meal per day. And remember,  I only get one shot.

Ari Jones