Brontie | Local Flowers at Your Door


Disclaimer: I'm about to rave about a business I have yet to try. I'll come back and update when I get my first delivery.

Now, then. When was a wee college student with a creative bent and hadn't yet realized my love for interiors, I read an Apartment Therapy post the encouraged having flowers in the home and the transformation is makes in your space and life. Since then, I've been keen on picking some up when the mood strikes, taking them home after a shoot or increasing the amount of flowers I gift to loved ones. 

This is where Brontie comes in. Brontie offers subscriptions of beautiful arrangements featuring local flowers for home delivery as well as events. But more than just selling flowers, Brontie is about living with the rhythm of the seasons, supporting local economies and committing to sustainable business practices through sustainable agriculture and minimal packaging. I mean, what's not to love??

If you're in town visiting a family and want to give them a sweet host's gift and keep it simple, or if you'd just like to liven up your Air BnB during your stay, be sure to swing over to Brontie.



Brontie | 26 rue Rabelais, 69003


Ari Jones