Chez Away | A Hostel For A New Generation


Beauty, Minimalism & Ease

Being at once low maintenance and constantly in search of beauty has made life quite the scavenger hunt for me. It's been pointed out to me that I am the kind of person who would rather go without having a trash can than have an ugly one*.

In that context, Away is the perfect meeting of these two very strong sensibilities; a beautiful (and I mean b-e-a-utiful) hostel. When ma belle told me we were staying in a hostel, I was expecting old brown shiplap walls, stained beige window treatments, a clogged shower with chipped seafoam tile and a tan microsuede couch with deformed cushions. Y'know. The works.



Chez Away

The café and restaurant serves a killer breakfast every day (follow Away on Instagram to see le menu du jour, unless you're prone to FOMO)

Imagine my surprise, then, when I walked into this lovely hostel and coffee shop.




My first morning in Lyon, I woke up in a cleanly designed room with white walls and wood floors, large windows open and facing rolling hills full of flowering trees, with the quiet sounds of street life punctuated by singing birds. 

Lovely doesn't begin to describe it, and I hesitate to list everything I loved about it parce que je trouve pas les mots and worry that they won't do the space justice. 


Bikes! Brunch! Books!

There is a bike rental program, breakfast & lunch, a book exchange in the lobby and no shortage of events hosted downstairs. The communal space is punctuated by large navy bean bag chairs that are actually stylish, the walls are that ubiquitous unfinished pine, even the door signs were lovely minimal line drawings. 

So why does any of it matter? I mean, really, all you need is a bed and to know you won't be stabbed, right?


Live your best life 

Well, besides the fact that this blog is a stylists' guide to Lyon (hello), but beautiful spaces foster a beautiful existence. Whether or not you're the sort of person to "care" about aesthetics, there is undeniably an infectious positive energy that flows through well-designed spaces that makes people more open, active and pleasant- they invite you to become your best self (and you do want strangers from every corner of the world to be their best selves if you're going to be around them for days or weeks at a time, yeah?)

*paper bags are sturdy and it's a good way to reuse them, especially if you compost later


Être le type de personne qui cherche la beauté dans chaque partie de ma vie mais qui est aussi la sorte d'être contente de vivre dans un maison plein des hommes étrangers dans sa propre ville (rappelle-moi a vous-raconter la histoire de mon 27ème anniversaire un jour) a été trés interessante pour moi. Et le hostel Away à Lyon est situé a l'intersection de ces deux facets de ma vie. 

Quand je dis que l'ambiance d'une endroit c'est la plus important pour moi en cherchant un chabre dans un hôtel ou Air BnB ou quelque sois l'espace, je veux dire que je ne resterai pas dans un hôtel de 5 etoilles s'il y a des tapis moches. Avoir trouvée Away etait, donc, une surprise bienvenue. Away est une auberge nouvelle génération et situé au cœur de Lyon. Ils ne me paiyent pas pour le dire, mais c'est une espace ou on peut travailler, reflechir, fair des amis nouveaux, profiter d'un film ou de la musique ou juste prend un café en regardant les gens qui passent. 

Ari Jones