Welcome to Good Burger | Where to Find Burgers-ham and otherwise- in Lyon



Au bord, je dirais que c'est vrai que quand l'on est à l'etranger, il faut vivre à l'etranger. Voyager autour du monde pour chercher les conforts d'acceuil n'a pas du sense. Et quand l'on est dans une belle ville comme Lyon, il faut essayer de vivre vraiment à la Lyonnais.

Mais! de temps en temps, on veut juste prend un burger. Et, comme Texanne, je ne mangerais juste n'importe quel burger. J'ai, donc, trouvé des bonnes addresses pour un burger & des frites ici à Lyon parce que, parfois, «le culture» de mon pays me manque. 


As a reasonable person, I'm all about traveling to truly get into the rhythm, culture and feel of a new place. If you're not going to go for the full cultural and gastronomical experience, you may as well stay home and just watch The Travel Channel with a take-out from your usual spot.

But! Sometimes you just want a burger. Unlike our old pal Victor, I won't settle for just any old burger, so it's nice to have a list of go-to spots in Lyon for when I get that craving.

For this post, I've decided to let the photos of the burgers do the talking. No write-ups.

King Marcel | 26 bd Jules Favre

Hipster vibes, countless add-ons and tons of national pride.


Les Frangins | 9 rue des Marronniers

Salmon Burger? Sure, why not. Poppy seed buns? Always a yes.


Frites Alors | 2 rue Chaponnay

This is kind of a sneaky addition for me because, as the name implies, Frites Alors specializes in fries. Smothered fries. Barbecue Fries. Cheesy Fries. Ham fries. and so many varieties of Poutine. My argument for having Frites Alors on this list is that a place with fries that great cannot possibly serve up a bad burger. It's unthinkable.


Ari Jones