La Parc De La Tête D'Or


This is my happy place. Period.

Discovering La Parc de la Tête D'Or for the first time was, for me, akin to discovering Bobby Darin's last recordings. "What do you mean this transportive beauty has existed for so long and I'm just now hearing about it. I need mooooore"

La Parc de la Tête D'Or is the largest urban park in France and contains a botanical garden, zoo, boating lake, pony rides (pony rides!) , tandem bike rentals, a mini-train, carrousels and so many more activities for people of all ages and family structures.

Single? Have a solo picnic, girl. Be happy you're free.

En couple? Go on a lovely walk through the gardens and look at the beautiful statues.

Spending the day with your ex-girlfriend's elementary school aged children because y'all grew very close in the four years you were together and you'd like to stay involved in their lives? Those tandem bikes can fit up to four people. Hop on and take the kiddos for a spin around the park!

I cannot speak enough positive and glowing words about this park, please do not leave the city of Lyon- no, the nation of France- without visiting this gem.


Direction: Parc de la Tête d'Or, 69006 Lyon, France


Summer: 6h30 – 22h30 (15April-14 October)

Winter: 6h30-20h30 (15 octobre – 14 avril)

Ari Jones